We witness new channels and platforms emerging every day, and mobile is taking a strong lead.

Business Solutions

At Barter Technologies, our highly experienced team makes sure that each business requirement is understood to prepare an alluring scheme for the most prominent customer relationship along with the back-end services. This is so that your business can gain a lot from the exceptional outcome at the end.

CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the strategies, technologies, and practices that an organization uses to handle and also examine the communications of the customers and information during the customer's lifecycle. And this is done so that the company can improve their relationship with the clients as they recognize the customers that leads to the growth in sales.

And how is this done? Well, there is a contact point of the company which is the website and the features of the website like the direct mailing, the marketing materials, social media posts, telephone, and even the live chat on the company's website. With the help of CRM, the staff that has to face and deal with the customer, get the details about the customer so that the support can be a successful one.

The details include the client's personal information, purchase history, buying preferences, and concerns. With this, the company would be able to get a much better outcome and feedback from the customer service that was provided to the client. Barter Technologies assists in offering the best solutions where you have nothing to lose and where your business would become a certified brand that people love.

ERP Solution

The Enterprise resource planning software is something that every business needs so that all the back office functions are automated so that it is connected with the services, the human resources, and the technology. This eventually helps to get more productivity in a business along with collaboration, reduced costs, and an increased efficiency.

Along with CRM, ERP has also become popular as it defines the activities that are processed in business and so that you can make the right choices for growing your business, by keeping all the requirements in mind. Barter Technologies offers the appropriate ERP solutions for every company regardless of their budget or size. Our team of professionals would not only advise you for growing your business, but would also assist you in supervising the complete project and making it a success.

System Integration

An organization uses a lot of systems to manage the business processes, and in this, the best solution variety is what they choose that would meet the requirements of the company. And it is evident that many systems are being used and they usually never connect with each other ending up as heterogeneous datasets causing problems with the dataset that are single. And this gives an adverse effect where the business is not given the space to see a particular view of their customers. With the experience of managing multiple solutions, Barter Technologies helps you with a leading strategy that would get these heterogeneous data into a similar data by using the integration tools.

For concepts like the elastic data hub on the cloud or the premises would be analyzed and then bestowed to the company. With our team, you can be sure about leading your company towards success.

BI & Reporting Systems

For a company to make any decision in a much better way and easier way, a lot of different applications are utilized for giving the admittance, gathering, storing, and analyzing the information. And this is crucial as it helps the person or company in making a much-informed decision. With the help of the experts in Barter Technologies, you can be sure to get the best application developed with the help of our knowledge and resources.

We know that the reports are essential for a business and everything is prepared from the scratch keeping in mind the requirements of the company. With this, the productivity of the would rise as the business would be able to the data on the potential of a department, an employee, and the entire company.

Our highly-skilled experts would prepare the most prominent Management Information System for your business that would save and store the required reports in just one place. And you can be assured that this application would be top-notch the best professionals available in Barter Technologies who would work on your project accordingly. Avail the high-quality and premium MIS Services and Reporting maintenance Services by opting us to develop them for you.