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The company started with two things - One is where the promoters took a step to initiate this Start-up company to give life to their 18+ years of IT experience along with an experience of more than 100 ERP and CRM Project implementation during this time. The other idea that synchronized with this is the digital marketing initiative that is headed by a young graduate from WA forming the Barter Technologies Pty Ltd to guide each customer towards success, regardless of their status in the industry or the budget they have.

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Our Features

OrderPoint a Barter Solutions

With our bellwether multivendor trading solution OrderPoint, we pride ourselves in rendering the small businesses with an exquisite ordering elixir at an affordable value.

With the robust APP solutions along with the efficient and elite services, the team at Barter Technologies Pty Ltd implements innovative schemes that would eventually render the ultimate user experience for the Business users as well as the end-customer users of the application.

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SME Solutions

Try our cloud-based explication to SME companies and “Pay on Usage” on a subscription basis to avail the services needed.

With the expanding tech-savvy market and the digital world, there isn't much time for the medium and large businesses to adapt to changes and follow the pace of the marketing industry. Companies are depending on the innovative technology corporations by becoming a partner to obtain promising startup solution so that they can sustain themselves in the market.

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Enterprise Solutions

Are you worried about your diminishing business results? Do you want to beat your competition? Are you able to connect and reach to your customers

with the latest technology? Speak to us on how you can leverage on cloud solutions integrated with your back office systems. Barter Technologies has a professional team that utilizes the most innovative “Internet of Things” service coupled with the unique machine learning technology algorithms for artificial intelligence to be brought into the our Enterprise solutions that are provided to our customers. This, we believe, will help the enterprise businesses to drastically reduce their rates and reach out to more targeted customers than ever before.

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Barter Technologies has a simple vision, where we want to make a difference by helping the startups, small and medium business reach to a great height. Our professional team makes sure the business is understood completely to assist your company in reaching the top. Other than this, we also focus on empowering women through employment and enabling farmers to sell directly from their farm to the market. Also, we strongly aim at reducing the Carbon Footprint in Food waste and Office waste with our services.

With the vast experience in the main programming languages, our highly-skilled team of adept professionals renders the services from e-commerce and web development to the mobile application development. The outcome of the applications would be highly alluring and of a premium quality leaving the audience flabbergasted and urging them to revisit again and again.

Our adept team at Barter Technologies ensures that each coresystems of your business is evaluated with the vision of your management. We prepare a system blue print to assist you with the digital transformation. This includes a phased approach to provide a seamless customer experience during the transformation by integrating with the back-end services for your business. We provide the services of CRM, ERP Solutions, System Integration, and BI Reporting Systems with the most prominent schemes to give an exceptional outcome at the end.

Under this service, our adept team would handle all your Software business requirments and provide you with the most prominent elucidation in the industry. Along with this, our expertise also lies in the digital marketing area where our schemes do not just bring traffic to your website but also increases the revenue of your business with the increase in the number of sales.

How It Works

At Barter Technologies, we will guide you on building your digital business from scratch. Our team of intellectual professionals and the warm customer care section are pleased to cater to your business needs. Our clientele form the backbone of our services. All our services are tailored to suit clients with different business needs.

If you have a thought process but are confused on how to channel it, you can have a session with our Professional services consultants, who will come up with a feasible solution to your problem by inculcating the latest technologies.

Our consultancy services will suggest you on how to go about your idea of building the ideal business and will also be at your service by throughout your marketing phase and keep you in tabs with the status of your project.

Connect with our team to have a more detailed strategy for establishing your budding business!

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